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Ignorant Zeal

Romans 10:1-4 Main Point: Trust in nothing other than Christ alone for right standing with God. I. Paul’s Persistent Prayer - 10:1.II. Israel’s Ignorant Zeal - 10:2-3.III. The Law's Perfect Culmination - 10:4. Application: Let God’s sovereignty fuel your prayers for...

The Stumbling Stone

Romans 9:30-33 Main Point: Believe the Law and the gospel and turn to Christ alone for righteousness and salvation. I. The The Law-Gospel Distinction.II. The Faith-righteousness of the Gentiles - 9:30.III. The Works-righteousness of the Jews - 9:31-33. Application: No...

My People

Romans 9:24-29 Main Point: The one true people of God is made up of those the Lord sover-eignly calls to faith from among both the Jews and the Gentiles. I. The Identity of True Israel - 9:24.II. The Mystery of Gentile Inclusion - 9:25-26.III. The Prophecy of a Jewish...

Vessels of Mercy

Romans 9:19-23 Main Point: God is just in saving some of the Jews and some of the Gentiles, known here as the vessels of mercy. I. Man Putting God in the Dock - 9:19.  II. God Putting Man Back in the Dock - 9:20-23. ...

Sovereign Mercy

Romans 9:14-18 Main Point: God is righteous in either granting mercy or judgment to sinners. I. God is just in His exercise of sovereign mercy - 9:14.  II. Moses and just mercy - 9:15-16. III. Pharoah and just judgment - 9:17-18. Application: Humility Worship...

God’s Purpose of Election

Romans 9:10-13 Main Point: God’s choice is not based on anything in those being chosen, but it is solely an act of His sovereign grace.  I. One Twin is Chosen - 9:10 & 12.  II. One Thing Made the Difference - 9:11 & 13. Application:  Every...

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