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Recent Sermons

No Condemnation

Romans 8:1, Jeff Duncan Main Point: If you are in Christ, you will never be condemned by God for your sin! Audio File:

Courage for the Commission

Matthew 28:16-20, Cory Riggs Main Point: The Great Commission requires great courage. And great courage is found in a firm belief that Christ is with you.

Killing Self-Righteousness

Romans 7:7-13, Jeff Duncan Main Point: The first purpose of the Law is to expose the existence and the nature of sin and remove all hope of self-righteousness.

Law & Grace

Romans 7:1-6, Jeff Duncan Main Point: Because of your union with Christ, you have died to the Law, so that you serve Christ in the newness of the Spirit.

Christ’s Master Plan To Build His Church

Matthew 28:19-20, Cory Riggs Abandon a churchless view of the Great Commission and reclaim Christ’s vision to build his church through the local church.

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