Learning From Eden

by | May 5, 2024 | Romans

Sermon: Romans 16:19-20, Learning from Eden

Main Point: Be encouraged by God’s promise of full deliverance and press into your obedience to Christ by being wise regarding good and innocent regarding evil.

I. Obedience Restored – v. 19a.

II. Good and Evil Refocused – v. 19b.

See Romans 12:2, 12;9; Proverbs 3:7; Jeremiah 4:22

“As Christians we need to be aware of evil … without developing an obsession with it. We need to know enough about evil to discern and resist it, yet without stooping to plug our minds full of it. We are to be, in the words of Grotius “too good to deceive, too wise to be deceived.” Our expertise is to be not in what is evil but in what is good. In fact, it is those with the greatest expertise in all that is good and pure and lovely who are best equipped to identify and flee from what is evil and foul and ugly.” – Tim Challies

III. The Promise Repeated – v. 20.

See Genesis 3:15


1) Turn to all that is good! 

2) Turn from all that is evil! 

3) All because of the hope of grace. 

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