The Tenth Commandment

by | Dec 15, 2019 | Adult Sunday School, The Ten Commandments

The 10th Commandment, Samuel Morris

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Framing Our Suffering

John 16:33, Jeff Duncan Main Point: Learn to frame your suffering while you live here between Jesus' two comings. Audio File:

Kill or Be Killed

Romans 8:12-14, Jeff Duncan Main Point: Since living according to the flesh brings death to the soul, embrace living according to the Spirit and bring death to sin.

Doctrines of Grace: Perseverance of the Saints

9/11/2022, Sunday Evening Study, Jeff Duncan Audio File:

In The Spirit

Romans 8:9-11; Jeff Duncan Main Point: If you are in Christ, you have the Holy Spirit permanently dwelling in you and giving you new life.

Walking According to the Spirit

Romans 8:4-8, Jeff Duncan Main Point: Walking According to the Spirit means putting off the mindset of the flesh and putting on the Mindset of the Spirit.

Forgiven and Empowered

Romans 8:1-4, Jeff Duncan Main Point: Jesus died to both purchase you for himself and to empower you for new life.

No Condemnation

Romans 8:1, Jeff Duncan Main Point: If you are in Christ, you will never be condemned by God for your sin! Audio File:

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