The Lord’s Prayer: Hallowed be Thy Name

by | Jul 8, 2020 | Adult Sunday School, The Lord's Prayer

Unfortunately, this particular lesson was not recorded, but the Westminster Shorter Catechism provides the following explanation and supporting scriptures for the first petition in The Lord’s Prayer, “Hallowed be thy name.”

Q. 101. What do we pray for in the first petition?

A. In the first petition, which is, Hallowed be thy name, we pray, that God would enable us, and others, to glorify him in all that whereby he maketh himself known [a ; and that he would dispose all things to his own glory [b .[a . Ps. 67:1-3; Ps. 99:3; Ps. 100:3-4[b . Rom. 11:33-36Rev. 4:11

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