Saved to Serve

by | Aug 20, 2023 | Romans, Sermon Archive

Romans 12:4-8

Main Point: Strive to be a humble servant that embraces both the unity and the diversity of the body of Christ. You were saved to serve.

I. Embrace the Unity of the One Body of Christ – vv. 4-5.

II. Embrace the Diversity of the One Body of Christ – vv. 6-8.

“When we exercise the gifts which Christ has given us we are really saying to our fellow Christians and others: See how much the Lord Jesus Christ loves you and cares for you; He has sent me to serve you in this way; He is using my hands and feet, my lips and ears, to show His love. It is a tragic mistake if we think that the message is: See what a superb Christian I am; see the wonderful gifts I have… Gifts are for service, not self-advancement.” – Sinclair Ferguson


1) We are one body with Christ as the head.

2) We are all different – gloriously different.

Saved to Serve  (Romans 12:4-8)

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