Making Israel Jealous

by | May 28, 2023 | Romans, Sermon Archive

Romans 11:11-15 

God will make Israel jealous in order to restore them through the gospel.

“The salvation of ‘all Israel’ will be the climax of this age and will be followed by the resurrection.” – Thomas Schreiner

“At the climax of this age, her (Israel) hardening will be removed, and the present tiny remnant of Jewish believers will be expanded to include a much greater number of Jews obedient to the gospel. And so, as Paul puts it in his famous assertion, ‘all Israel will be saved.’” – Douglas Moo

“Five years ago, there were fifteen thousand Jews in Israel who converted to Christianity. Today, missionaries boast that the number has doubled to thirty thousand. Experts in the counter-missionary field are reporting the same alarming rate of Jews who are joining the church…. To get an indication of the severity of the problem, there are currently more than 300 messianic organizations active in Israel today, including congregations, “ministries”, schools, Bible studies, and missionary-run guest houses. There are over 200 websites operating in Israel that target the Israeli population with the intention of converting them to Christianity… Israel is fast reaching the tipping point where Christian missionary organizations become an accepted part of the Israeli mainstream.” – The Times of Israel (March 2021)

Making Israel Jealous (Romans 11:11-15)

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