Good Citizenship, Part 2

by | Oct 15, 2023 | Romans, Sermon Archive

Romans 13:5-7

Main Point: Honor God and the magistrate by supporting and honoring the authority structures He has put in place.

I. The Conscience of the Citizens – 13:5.

“We have to remember that acting according to conscience may sometimes be sin as well. If the conscience is misinformed, then we seek the reasons for this misinformation. Is it misinformed because the person has been negligent in studying the Word of God?” – R.C. Sproul

II. The Protection of the Citizens – 13:6.

III. The Duties of the Citizens – 13:7.


  1. Give appropriate honor and respect to those serving in government. 
  2. See government as God’s good gift.
  3. Willingly support it with your taxes. 
  4. Seek tax reform through legal means. 
  5. Trust God to provide everything you need!
  6. Be good citizens of the country in which the Lord has sovereignly placed you! 
  7. Remember, this world is not your home! 
Good Citizenship, Part 2 (Romans 13:5-7)

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