A Disobedient and Contrary People

by | May 7, 2023 | Romans, Sermon Archive

Romans 10:18-21

Main Point: See the warning in Israel’s rejection of grace and turn in repentance and faith to the God who holds out His hands to you!

I. Israel has heard the gospel (18)

II. Israel has understood God’s purposes (19-20)

III. Israel has rejected God’s grace (21)

“I have stretched out my hands unto Thee.” 
Father, I stretch my hands to Thee,
No other help I know;
If Thou withdraw Thyself from me,
Ah! Whither shall I go?
What did Thine only Son endure,
Before I drew my breath!
What pain, what labor, to secure
My soul from endless death!
Author of faith! to Thee I lift
My weary, longing eyes:
Oh let me now receive that gift!
My soul without it dies.

Charles Wesley
A Disobedient and Contrary People (Romans 10:18-21)

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