The Gospel of John: Life in the Son

Follow Me

John finishes his gospel with an encounter between Jesus and Peter. In this text Jesus tells Peter that he will die for his commitment to the gospel. Jesus predicts Peter's death and says to Peter, "Follow Me." In this sermon we conclude our series in John and focus...

Do You Love Me?

In this text we see Jesus gently restore Peter 3 times, once for every time Peter denied him the night Jesus was arrested. Peter is in the midst of owning the two things we must all own - our great weakness and Jesus' great grace. In this sermon we see that God's...

The Nets Are Full

In this text we see the disciples going fishing. Jesus shows up to powerfully reveals both his power of creation and his tender loving care for his disciples. What we see in this text can radically change how we view our daily lives - in our homes, workplaces, and...

Peace Be With You

In this section we see Jesus appearing to his disciples after his resurrection - once with Thomas absent, and then again with Thomas present. Jesus resurrection proved to the original disciples that He was the Son of God, the Savior of the world. His resurrection also...


Who was Mary Magdalene? Why does the answer matter to us? She was the first witness to the resurrection! Don't be surprised if God works in your life in ways that you do not expect, and in ways that cause you to shout Amazing Grace!...

He Is Risen!

In this sermon we look at the necessity of the resurrection and some of its implications. Read the passage here: "John 20:1-10"

It Is Finished

We focus in on what Jesus means by, "It is finished." Ho do we enter in to the rest He has purchased for us? Read the passage here: "John 19:28-42"

The Agony and Glory of the Cross

The cross of Jesus Christ was both the most horrifying and glorious place on earth! Read the passage here: "John 19:16-27"

True Authority

A few words about the sermon can go here. Read the passage here: "John 19:6-16"

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