Esther: The LORD Saves

Celebrate Deliverance

In this sermon we finish out our series in Esther by briefly discussing the Feast of Purim and then moving on the topic of whether or not we should celebrate Old Testament Feasts. Read "Esther 9:20-10:3" and "Colossians 2:1-19" and listen in.

Enemies Destroyed

In "Esther 9:1-19" we see the enemies of the Jews in Persia destroyed. In this sermon we discuss God giving over the enemies of His people to destruction and conclude that God is glorified in both justice and mercy in Jesus Christ.

Deliverance Decreed

Esther's intercession for her people beautifully pictures Christ's intercession for us. Read "Esther 8:1-17 " and listen in as we see intercession leading to great joy.  

Hang Him High

In "Esther 7:1-10" we see wicked Haman get his due. His hanging serves as both a foreshadowing of the coming judgment and also points us to Jesus who suffered our condemnation on the cross.

Kill Them All!

In "Esther 3:1-15" we see Mordecai making a stand that will seemingly get him and all of his people exterminated! But God is at work, using what is seemingly a small stand by one man to set a huge trap for the His enemies and the enemies of His people. This chapter...

A Beauty Crowned and a Beast Saved

Chapter 2: In God’s providence, the beautiful queen is crowned and the beast king is saved from assassination. We also discuss the fact that true and lasting beauty is what God has worked for us and what He works in us in Jesus! Read "Esther 2:1-23" and listen in.

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