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by | May 22, 2022 | Sermon Archive

Corey Riggs, Matthew 28:16-20

Main Point: Christian, don’t waste another moment of your life on the sidelines of the Great Commission. Go make disciples of all nations.

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Living Under Grace

Romans 6:13-14, Jeff Duncan Main Point: Living under grace means we make war on sin while resting fully in Christ. https://youtu.be/jQPsvtbG4Y0

The History of the Doctrines of Grace

Ephesians 1:1-14, Jeff Duncan06/26/2022 (Evening Service) https://youtu.be/kJvJBhOuCWs

Righteousness Fulfilled

Matthew 3:11-17, Jeff Duncan Main Point: Jesus fulfilled all righteousness for us, in both His sinless life and His sacrificial death. https://youtu.be/EQ6bLaTewoI

Do Not Let Sin Reign

Romans 6:12, Jeff Duncan Main Point: Since you are dead to sin and alive to God, resist sin's reign in your mortal body. https://youtu.be/18zOAKjkSGM

Dead and Alive, part 2

Romans 6:5-11, Jeff Duncan Main point: Believer, you were crucified with Christ, and you were raised from the dead with Him. https://youtu.be/ez-ygkAml3U

Dead & Alive

Romans 6:1-4, Jeff Duncan Main point: Live for Christ by knowing that you died to sin and were raised to new life in Him. https://youtu.be/ba6LqnTRTgE

Law & Grace

Romans 5:13-14 & 20-21, Jeff Duncan Main Point: Although the law exposes sin and brings death, grace super-abounds our sin and brings eternal life. https://youtu.be/71q0Yw8qGSQ

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